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Location: Ipswich - Rushmere
13th February 2018

Pancake Day

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All of the children at Busy Bees Day Nursery in Rushmere celebrated Shrove Tuesday by enjoying some very yummy home made pancakes.

The Pre-School children listened to the story and history of Shrove Tuesday and why we celebrate the occasion. They asked lots of questions to further their knowledge and understanding of the day. The Pancake Party started with the children weighing out and mixing together all the ingredients for the pancakes. Whilst Thomas was busy tossing the pancakes in the kitchen the children decided on their favourite toppings and worked out the costs of these in the local shop. Two of Pre-School's special helpers then went to the shop to buy the ingredients.

Once the pancakes were cooked and cooled the children decorated them to their own unique specification. Grace and Lucy made Princess faces on their pancakes whilst Isaac and Ethan made rockets. Needless to say the pancakes were eaten quicker than they were created!

Thankfully there were just enough pancakes left for the children to have a pancake race in the garden. Grace demonstrated extreme levels of perseverance when tossing her pancake and after ten minutes of trying she successfully caught the pancake she had tossed in the air.

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