Location: Chorley - Brooke Street
28th February 2017

Pancake day fun!

The children of Chorley Brooke Street had a fantastic day this pancake day, getting fully involved with the range of activities focused on the day.

The children made a pancake mix from corn flour and water to make pretend pancakes using a range of motions such as pouring and stirring to create their own discussing the textures and how to make them listening to instructions and working together in the messy play activity.

They used their senses to smell and feel different ingredients and used mathematical skills to weigh and measure, using Problem Solving Reasoning and Numeracy Cards alongside. Counting the amounts used and attempted to flip play dough pancakes having a race with them in the day.

Chorley Brooke Street children also had the opportunity to taste some lovely pancakes with a variety of toppings discussing our likes and dislikes.