Location: Huntingdon
15th May 2017

Parents Week

Throughout the week starting on 15/05/2017 we invited our children's parents to sign themselves up to experience a few hours at nursery in the shoes of their little ones. Parents were able to come into their childs nursery room and freely join in with the childrens games, role play, painting, sand play etc and we say the messier the better. For the first time this year after a previous parents suggestion we also had slots available for parents to come and enjoy tea time with their child and their nursery friends.

A brilliant time was had by all, and we had lots of excited and smiling parents leave the nursery at the end of their parents week session.

When looking over the parents feedback forms we were delighted to see all parents had enjoyed their "fun experience and it was a great way to see what they get up to at nursery". As well as hearing "the staff were lovely and constantly praising the children" and "lovely atmosphere with such impressive staff".