Location: Darlington
8th December 2016

Parentzone success

Parentzone success

In August 2016, Darlington nursery launched Parentzone to our parents, an online learning journal platform for each child. Parents can information via a smartphone app or on the Parentzone Website, allowing parents to see their child's development whilst at nursery.

The system will allow you to see a timeline of your child's day at nursery, including photo's, videos and notes on your child's daily activities.

For more information on Parentzone within our nurseries please click here.

Feedback from Parents

" I love this app on my phone. Its great to see how my little boy is doing at nursery. I get chance to look at observations that have been carried out and have the opportunity to look at and even show family and friends pictures that have been uploaded to show how much fun he has throughout the day. Fantastic xx"


"Very good idea, very comforting for parents. Peace of mind that your child is in safe hands and that she is progressing "


"Parentzone is such a great way to keep check on your child's progress, I Love it. When collecting your child you don't always have a lot of time to chat so this feature is great to check the things we miss / forget" 


"Parentzone is an excellent way to check what my child has been up to during her time at nursery and is a definite plus of sending her to Busy Bees. I always use the app every session she is in nursery and find it really helpful and reassuring as a parent".


"We feel this is a really good feature. We can log on atr anytime and see what my child has been up to. It makes us more involved and is easy to put home observations on there".


For more information about Parentzone and the benefits of using this online learning platform, you can book a visit here or alternatively call the nursery on 01325 460440