Location: Meredale Nursery (Rainham, Gillingham)
1st May 2017

People Who Help Us Week

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Over the course of the week the children at Meredale Day Nursery turned ‘International Fire Fighters Day’ (Held on 4th May) into ‘People who help us week’.

The children explored not only Firefighters but a variety of people in professions that can help us, from paramedics and policemen/women to teachers, train drivers and lollipop people.

They used dressing up to role play and act out scenarios of people helping each other and also games of matching the correct uniform to the right job.

We had visits from a range of emergency services this week including a policewoman, a firefighter and a train driver who all took the time to speak to the children about what it is they do and how they help people.  The children had great fun being able to wear and handle pieces of their uniform especially the hats and the policewoman’s walkie talkie.

A few of our Preschool children were particularly interested in the handcuffs and wanted a demonstration of how they worked, although they were too little and managed to escape!

The children looked through a variety of books that related to the theme followed by the children creating their own stories of people helping others.

There was lots of exploring into the vehicles that people use to get around.  They matched the person to the vehicle and also copied the sounds that the emergency service vehicle made when on an urgent call.

The children also got time to discuss what it is that their mummies and daddies do as well as what they would like to be when they are older.

Lastly and maybe most importantly all the children discussed what they would do in an emergency and needed help and of course the answer is to dial 999.