Location: Trowbridge - Paxcroft Mead
7th October 2016

People who help us!

People who help us! Photo-1
People who help us! Photo-2
People who help us! Photo-3
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People who help us! Photo-5
People who help us! Photo-6

We have been exploring 'people who help us' within our provision and we were delighted to work alongside some of our parents to give the children an opportunity to meet and greet the men and women who look after us within our communities. We were lucky enough to have paramedics, ambulances, police officers and their police cars come to our setting in order for the children to explore and speak with these professionals about how they help and what they do! All the preschool children were able to talk about what they would do in an emergency and who they would call! It was a wonderful day and a brand new experience for some of our children!