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Location: Harlow
23rd January 2018

People who help us

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Our second day in our enrolment week has been all about people who help us, such as firefighters, nurses, teachers, doctors etc. We have been looking at the different job roles and what they do to help us throughout the day at Harlow nursery.

Babies have been reading different stories that involve different jobs such as firefighters and ambulances. They have also had small world play during the day playing with different occupation cars and people.

In our toddler room they have been exploring their imagination station, playing with the doctors and nursers kits. They have also been drawing people who look after then, as well as reading stories about different roles.

Harlow's Pre-school have had a whole day of role playing different occupations. They also used the computer to look at different roles and what they do to help. Pre-school have had lots of group times discussing their experiences and people they have had help them and why.


Why not book your visit today to come along to our Enrolment Week, 22nd – 26th January, I would love to show you our lovely nursery and introduce you to the staff team ~ Louise Christie Nursery Manager