Location: Beverley
19th October 2016

People who help us week

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Wow!!!  The children have had an amazing time this week; they have had the chance to talk to a variety of people about how they can help us.
Friday: Dr Clausen came to nursery to talk to the children about his job as a doctor and how he helps people to make them feel better.  He brought along his stethoscope for the children to have look at and listen to each others breathing.
Monday: Fiona brought along her guide dog Maisie to meet the children, we learnt about how the dogs are trained to help people like Fiona to be independent and get around by herself.  The children loved being able to stroke Maisie and have their pictures taken with her. 
On Monday we also had a special visit from the ambulance service, the children where able to dress up and role play being paramedics, we had a good try and bandaging up our friends, we had so much fun.
Tuesday: Norwood vets cam along, again the children where able to dress up and they even got the chance to meet a very special visitor SpongeBob the tortoise who belonged to Pablo the tortoise specialist.
The rest of the week we where able to hire out the road safety equipment so the children where able to play out in garden using the traffic lights and lollypop sticks to help each other cross the road.
We had an amazing week, all the children here able to get involved in the activities; we learnt a lot of new things which was fantastic.
We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who was able to help and support our children to learn the roles and responsibilities of different people’s jobs.