Location: Chorley - Brooke Street
17th March 2017

Perfect Day had for Saint Patricks Day

The children of Chorley Brooke Street had a fabulous day when celebrating Saint Patrick's day on Friday the 17th of March.

The children joined in with the green theme day by dressing in their green attire from home and partaking in green activities such as play dough, water and painting activities. Some children went into the garden collecting green leaves to add to the water and print with searching for a lucky four leaf clover.

The children of Bluebells learnt all about rainbows using the computer finding out how rainbows are made and where to look for them. They then went in search following the rainbows around the nursery to find their very own pot of gold at the end. The children counted it out grouping and categorising their treasure using lots of mathematical language and working together throughout the entire activity.

Chorley Brooke Street children also listened to classical Irish music with some taking part in a spot of Irish dancing where the children could have been from river dance they had kicks so high!

It was a fun packed day for all.