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Location: Derby - Oakwood
19th September 2017

Pirate Day!

Pirate Day! Photo-1
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Pirate Day! Photo-6

As part of our pirate day for enrolment week, we have been doing a number of different craft activities such as making paper boats, paper hats and creating our own little ship theme cups using tissue paper, lollipop sticks and clear plastic cups to make little boats in pretend water.

The baby room has painted and decorated paper hats and paper boats using paint colours of their choice and dabbers.

Toddlers used clear plastic cups and blue shredded tissue paper to incorporate water and then used the lollipop sticks and paper to make a boat.

Pre school have been making treasure maps, doing treasure hunts, and held boat races in the water.

Children have all participated in dressing up as well and some gold coins will be given out to the best dressed!