Location: Guiseley
6th March 2017

Poppies Road Map

Poppies Road Map

Tuhina created a table top small world road map for the children in poppies and drew on it roads and local landmarks to nursery that the children recognised.

The children were able to add the small world people and vehicles to the map and role play with their friends.

Whilst supervising, Tuhina managed to observe some lovely interactions between the children and this is some of what she heard:

"We are going to Morrisons first to buy some bananas, carrots and soup. We are going to leave the shopping in the car and go to Busy Bees. We can go play with some toys, have some of Jimmy's (chef) lunch and a little rest in the home corner. Then we will go on an adventure to the forest through the trees taking our bicycles and scooters. When we come out of the forest to cross the road, we need to stop at the traffic light until the green man. We re going to visit the train station, we might see Mummies or Daddies going to work. We will talk to people and ask if they are going to London. After visiting the train station we will walk home, have pasta for tea then go to bed to start a new adventure tomorrow!"

I wonder where the children's imaginations will take them next!?