Location: Guiseley
5th July 2016

Practice makes perfect!

Practice makes perfect! Photo-1
Practice makes perfect! Photo-2
Practice makes perfect! Photo-3

In order to support and develop early hand writing skills, we at Busy Bees implement a programme called 'Shake and Write' which uses music to build confidence in body movements.This enhancement develops language, communication, self esteem and social skills. 

The activities provided encourage cross lateral movement to engage both sides of the brain which in turn will help encourage child to adopt the correct pencil grip. 

In order for this to be successful, children need to have some control over their gross motor muscles before they can develop their fine motor muscles......in essence, they need to be able to DO IT BIG! before they can do it small. 

The programme itself covers 3 different themes: 'We're walking in the woods', Construction theme' and 'Railway theme. Activities throughout each theme encourage physical movements with our bodies which can then be developed onto paper.

The attached photos show our Poppies and Sunflowers children joining in with 'We're walking in the woods' dance. We were really impressed how quickly the children have picked up the words to the song and actions to the dance. These are carried out 2-3 times per week, and will continue to be implemented with those children that are moving into Poppies over the summer months.

If you would like to know more about the 'Shake and Write' enhancement, please speak to Emily or Lorraine in the Pre-school unit.