Location: Peterborough - H.Hargate
11th January 2017

Practicing spelling a different way

Practicing spelling a different way

A question of how to get a four-year-old interested in spelling is puzzling may parents. We have found the answer – let them practise their spelling on a computer!

Children at our Pre-school love using computer programmes specially designed for under five’s with activities like Matching Pairs, Sequence Games and listening to stories. We also use more traditional Microsoft programmes like Word and Paint to support children in developing key literacy skills.

Copying words onto computer encourages letter recognition and early spelling skills. It also introduces children to early ICT and using computer for studying. Drawing in Paint supports development of hand to eye coordination and letter tracing.

ICT is one of the tools we use in pre-school to further prepare children for starting school, along with initiatives, like Letter and Number of the week, and enhancements, including Babble to Chatter and Problem Solving to Mathematics.

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