Location: Huntingdon
15th June 2018

Practitioners Day

Our Practitioner of the Year Isabel receiving her award from Chrissie
Dawn our Above & Beyond winner receiving her award from Chrissie
Chrissie & Paula with their flowers from all Huntingdon Busy Bees staff

Practitioners Day - is a day we put aside to celebrate and say well done to all of our staff within the nursery.

The day consists of the staff enjoying a day of non uniform, getting to select what meals are offered that day, selecting activities that they enjoy doing with the children as well as having a staff goodie raffle and some yummy treats in the staff from for all staff to enjoy on their lunch break.

But the highlight of the day is when a 'Practitioner of the Year' is announced as voted for by all parents of children within the nursery, as well as our own 'Above and Beyond' award for one member of staff as voted for by all staff members.

This year all staff and children had a fantastic day, it started with the preschool children becoming postmen and delivery "Happy Practitioners Day" cards to all the nursery rooms. Then throughout the day lots of fun was had via games, water activities and even some children getting their faces painted and who then got a chance to face paint the adults! 

But as always the main event were the awards and this year we had many many votes back so a big thank you for your votes and you kind words. 

This year the winners were as follows:

Practitioner of the Year 2018 (voted by parents) - Isabel 

Above & Beyond 2018 (voted by staff) - Dawn 

A huge congratulations to both ladies we hope you liked your flowers and enjoy spending you gift vouchers. But as always a huge thank you to all of the staff at Busy Bees even if your not the winners this year we are thankful for all the amazing things you do. 

To round of the day the staff surprised both Chrissie (nursery manager) and Paula (deputy manager) with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to say thank you for all their support over another very busy year. Which then was concluded with an amazing balloon launch by all staff with help from the nursery children.