Location: Harlow
31st July 2017

Pre- school fun

Pre- school fun Photo-1
Pre- school fun Photo-2
Pre- school fun Photo-3
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Pre- school fun Photo-5
Pre- school fun Photo-6

Today in the pre school room in Harlow, we have enjoyed a fun and exciting day. We have been playing with the dinosaurs in the tuff spot and using our imaginations to re create different adventures. Then  the pre school children went on to play with the cars to mark make on a large scale.

April Plume base room manager for pre school said " the children really enjoyed making crazy patterns with the cars, they used lots of new words to express the routes the cars were on and where they could be going. The pre school children also loved the dinosaur activity, they carried on playing and even took it outside in the garden area, so they could make it bigger" I just love hearing the stores they make up".

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