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Location: Mill Hill
15th September 2017

Pre-School Academy Re-launch

Over the last couple of weeks the children have been given their new Pre-School uniforms and book bags.

We have a wonderful new Pre-School Academy Routine which gives the children structure and consistency which will help them develop into well rounded individuals.  We will still have other activities running throughout the day so the children will be able to make a choice of which activity they would like to participate in.

Each child has a Literacy and Mathematics book for them to use to practice their writing and numeracy skills.

The children also have a Home Learning Journal for them to complete with assistance from parents/carers. We would like to know what activities the children are doing at home and their interests.  These are sometimes different from the kinds of activities that the children participate in at Nursery and these books will help us get a more rounded view of the children interests and learning outside the nursery.

Time                     Activity Staff

8:00-8:45              Breakfast            

8:45-9:00              Carpet Time, Self registration, Wake and Shake

9:00-10:00            Jolly Phonics      

9:30-10:30            Babble to Chatter           

10:30-11:00          Numeracy          

10:30-11:15          Craft Activities     

11:15-11:30          Tidy up time, story, song             

11:30-12:00          Lunch   

12:00-1:00            Free flow            

1:00-1:30              Self registration, story time        

1:30-2:00              Problem Solving to Mathematics

1:30-2:30              Science

2:00-3:00              Art and Craft     

3:00-3:15              Jolly Phonics Story and Song

3:15-3:30              Tidy up

3:30-4:00              Tea        

4:00-5:00              Literacy                

5:00-6:00              Mark making/ puzzles    

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you.