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Location: Bury St.Ed - West Suffolk NHS
27th October 2017

Pre-School Committee Meeting

Pre-School Committee Meeting


Here at Busy Bees Bury St Edmunds, we promote the Fundamental British Values throughout each and every day.  The British Values ensure that safety for all and ensure that equality and independence is promoted for all children.

Our Pre-School room team, Danni and Daizy promote Democracy through a monthly Pre-School Committee Meeting.  This meeting encourages the children to discuss and make decisions about their room.

Our most recent Pre-School Committee Meeting was held on 27th October and was chaired by Pre-School Room Manager, Danni.  Alice, Louie, Finley and Harrison attended the meeting and discussed that they would like the role-play area to be turned into an Opticians (or "Glasses Shop" as Louie described it).  The group discussed what resources they may need and also why they would like this.

Alice Said "Glasses make people's eyes stronger.  My mummy wears glasses all the time and my Daddy wears them only sometimes."

Louie told the group all about the range of sunglasses he has at home, "I wear them when it is sunny.  The sun is bright and light."

The children came up with a list of resources that they may need and will be able to help Danni and Daizy to make, ranging from Glasses, to a Till to Torch.

Danni ensured that the meeting minutes were written up and signed by each attendee...very grown up!!

If you would like to read the minute from the meeting, please pop into Pre-School and ask the girls.

Our next Pre-School Committee meeting is going to be held on 24th November.