Location: Reading International
15th June 2016

Pre School Farm Trip

Pre School Farm Trip Photo-2
Pre School Farm Trip Photo-3
Pre School Farm Trip Photo-4

We had lots of fun on our Pre School trip. We went to Bucklbury farm on a big coach. Luckily it was very sunny so we wore our hats and lots of sun cream. Whilst we were at the farm we saw lots of animals and could feed them! It was really fun, especially feeding the deer on the tractor. June made us all a packed lunch, even our mummies and daddies. It was very yummy. We then played in the park and bounced on a big cushion with our teachers. After that we had an ice lolly before getting back on the coach. As soon as we left we all fell asleep, we had so much fun. Thank you to all the parents which supported supported us with the trip.