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Location: Glenrothes
3rd November 2017

Pre School Halloween Glenrothes

Pre School at Glenrothes, Busy Bees invited parents to stay and play! We arranged lots of messy, scary Halloween activities for both the children and parents. The children helped to create these scary sensory activities by using food colouring and adding this to cooked spaghetti, the children decided we should add, 'googly eyes' and 'little creepy crawlies!' so that is what we did! One child told their mum, 'it is so slimy and the pieces are so long' another child said, 'I have found 3 eyes'. We made coloured play dough and we had a turf tray with the insides of a pumpkin out with different utensils for the children to explore. We made ghost biscuits with white icing and raisins and pumpkin soup for the parents to try. We carved the pumpkin, cut it up and spoke about what other vegetables we would need add to make Halloween soup, they decided, onion, leak and potato.