Location: Ipswich - Rushmere
7th September 2017

Pre-School Science Fun

Pre-School Science Fun Photo-1
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Pre-School Science Fun Photo-6

This afternoon our Pre-School children have learned all about the science of clouds and where rain comes from. The children enjoyed looking at the different clouds they could see in the sky and talked about what images and pictures they could see in the clouds when lying on their backs in the garden.

The children enjoyed participating in a science experiment to make their own rain clouds. We used shaving foam on top of water to create clouds of different shapes and sizes in jars. Pipettes were then used to drop food colouring on the top of the 'cloud'. As the cloud filled up the coloured water ran down in to the water creating a rain effect. 

The children used lots of mathematical language when making their rain clouds and looked closely at what happens when two different colours mix together.