Location: Chingford
23rd May 2017

Pre-School Science Professors

Pre-School Science Professors


This week Pre-school have been conducting wild liquid experiments.


In key groups they added some water into the containers and then looked around the room to find different things that they could add. The children found some food colouring, some bicarbonate of soda and various other things. As they added each element, the children discussed what might happen to the water. "Its fizzing Alana", said Frankie.

The children used sight, hearing and smell to discuss the different things that happened to the water. " Wow, now it's brown and smells funny", said Ben


Conducting fun and interesting science experiments encourages the children to be engaged in their learning. These activities enable the children to explore different media which can be combined to create new effects. The children can create different textures with their experiments and predict what might happen next.