Location: Meredale Nursery (Rainham, Gillingham)
21st July 2017

Pre-Schoool Graduation

Pre-Schoool Graduation Photo-1
Pre-Schoool Graduation Photo-2
Pre-Schoool Graduation Photo-3
Pre-Schoool Graduation Photo-4
Pre-Schoool Graduation Photo-5
Pre-Schoool Graduation Photo-6

They decorated the hall within Meredale Independent School where the ceremony was to be held and then prepared the children’s photos and gowns.

Parents filled the hall as the ceremony started with a short introduction given by Michelle, the nursery manager.

Each child was introduced with a short verse about themselves and their achievements throughout their time with us at Meredale and handed their very own personalised Graduation scroll.

Following the ceremony parents and children were invited to afternoon tea to celebrate their child’s success with sandwiches and cakes and the children were gifted with their graduation presents courtesy of the nursery.

Good Luck for your future Meredale Class of 2017!