Location: Guiseley
20th May 2016

Pre-school go Pizza mad!

Pre-school go Pizza mad! Photo-1
Pre-school go Pizza mad! Photo-2
Pre-school go Pizza mad! Photo-3
Pre-school go Pizza mad! Photo-4

Kim, based in Sunflowers decided to ask the children what they would like to make and the winning choice was Pizza! 

The children talked with Kim about what toppings they would like on their Pizza and Kim put an order in with Chef Jimmy so they could make them during Friday's session.

The chosen toppings were: tuna, ham, mushrooms, meatballs, cheese and peppers.

The children on the day made the meatballs with Kim and took part in all other aspects of the activity including spreading the tomato base and putting their chosen toppings on.

The group then enjoyed their pizzas at tea time.

For those children that weren't in session for tea, the pizzas were sent home to be enjoyed.