Location: Peterborough - H.Hargate
1st September 2017

Pre-school go to Tesco to learn about food

Pre-school go to Tesco to learn about food Photo-1
Pre-school go to Tesco to learn about food Photo-2
Pre-school go to Tesco to learn about food Photo-3

Our children have been out to the local Tesco store to learn about different foods we can eat and where they come from.

Taken on a tour by Charlotte, the Community Champion for the store, the pre-school children and nursery practitioners stopped by the fruit and vegetable aisles and fish and cheese counters. They discussed the origins of different foods and ways to prepare them, while enjoying some tasty treats and samples. The group were then taken ‘behind the scenes’ to see where the bread is made and ‘cooled down’ in the walk in freezer.

Heidi Cassidy, Nursery Manager, said: ‘We are keen to promote healthy eating from early age and always encourage children to try new foods and textures. Seeing the wide selection of fruit and vegetables available in the shop, learning how different foods are made and tasting new things together with friends encourage children’s curiosity and help them develop positive relationship with food.

‘We are very thankful to Tesco and their community programme for making this trip possible. It was a fantastic experience for the children and created a great basis for games and discussions around food and healthy eating that kept children interested for weeks.’

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