Location: Coventry - Allesley Green
1st December 2016

Pre-schoolers welcome their new festive friend

The children in our pre-school room had a special delivery overnight of a very large mysterious box! On arrival this morning the children were guessing what could be inside the box... One child noticed there was a Father Christmas stamp and said 'It might be Father Christmas inside the box, that would be exciting.' They all waited with anticipation for all children to arrive and open it together.

Once all children had arrived we sat in a big circle with our very mysterious box. We each gave an idea about what could be inside from chocolate cake, a Reindeer Santa himself or even a Dinosaur the children's imaginations were running wild!

We took the envelope out of the pouch and saw a stamp from the North Pole, a postage stamp of a Robin, Nursery's address and a stamp saying 'From the desk of Santa Claus'. The children were now about to burst with anticipation.

After opening a Big box, a Medium sized box and a Small box, we found McJingles the mischievous Elf. He had been sent to us by Santa. McJingles will be watching our busy pre-schoolers carefully each day, and will report his findings back to the North Pole. 

He was travelling with a book for him to write about his observations, a letter telling the children all about him (saying that he likes to get up to tricks throughout the night), a sprinkle of magic glitter, a door and a key so that he can travel back home each night. McJingles now has a home throughout the day on the Pre-School room shelf and the children are so excited to tell everybody who enters to the Pre-School room, all about their new found festive friend.

Report back tomorrow to see what McJingles has been up to overnight!