Location: Maidstone Hospital
14th June 2016

Pre-schools exit questionnaire

Pre-schools exit questionnaire Photo-1
Pre-schools exit questionnaire Photo-2
Pre-schools exit questionnaire Photo-3
Pre-schools exit questionnaire Photo-4

So at Maidstone Hospital, Busy Bees we asked the children some questions, these are just a sample of their answers;


What did you like best about Nursery?

A - "Playing with the toys".
I- " Playing with C, cause I know she is my best friend"

L - "Playing in the home corner and building in the sand pit"

C-"Doing lots of drawing and lego"

​E-"Making paper aeroplanes for everyone"


We then asked the children to draw what their best memory from Nursery and this is what they drew ( and said ).

"Me smiling at Nursery"

"Toy cars"

"My Friends"

"The slide in the garden"

"Me on the bike in the garden"


We then asked the children what their favourite food is at Nursery -

"Spagetti - its all wormy" :)

"Ice cream"


"Roast Dinner"

"Pasta, Tuna pasta is best".

"Carrots yum".

Have a look at our display in the Nursery for more comments, we will miss our pre-school children lots but we know they're going to love the next chapter. 


Have a look at the children's beautiful memory photos.