Location: Tunbridge Wells
14th July 2017

Preparing for school

Preparing for school Photo-1
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Preparing for school Photo-3

In pre-school room our leavers have been busy with a variety of different activities this week!

We've been busy looking at the different school badges where the children are going to. Where we've seen which of our friends are going to the same school as each other and even being able to tell the different badges apart!

There was even an assembly on Wednesday! This is where we practised what a real assembly would be like, we had to sit quietly, listen to the adults as they told us important information we needed to know before going to school and then to finish off we had a go at singing some songs together.

We even converted our Montessori room into a real classroom for the day, where we had Lauren teaching us a mathematics lesson. The children got to work in a group of three children, discussing the correct order for a number line to go in.

To finish the week of we have given our parents the chance to take a book home to be able to join in with our week, using the idea of a home reader which the children are able to review on monday when they come in next week.