Location: Mill Hill
8th May 2017

Preschool Academy

We have re-launched our Preschool Academy to help the children to get ready for School.

We have a slightly more structured routine to encourage the children to sit and participate in activities at tables and to investigate, evaluate and explore their ideas while they are learning.

Morning Activities include :

  •  Wake and Shake - to get the children ready for learning
  • Babble to Chatter - our Language enhancement
  • EAL Games - for all children with additonal Languages
  • Problem Solving to Mathematics - our Mathematics Enhancement
  • Story Book/Boards

Afternoon Activities includes :

  • Shake and Write - our Writing Skills Enhancement
  • Science Experiments with Shona
  • Phonics and CVC words with Edina
  • ​Stories and Songs
  • Playdough, Drawing and Games
  • Speech and Language Activities with Shona

If you would like to know more about the Enhancements and Activities we provide for Pre School please contact the Management Team for details.