Location: Norwich Meridian
9th June 2017

Preschool Election 2017

Preschool Election 2017 Photo-1
Our completed graph!
"Smiley Shark is the best, all about fish and under the sea"
The children had to pick out of the four books on the table.
"We had a policeman visit and that was really fun"
We each took it in turns to count the number of lego bricks on each of the books.

On the morning of Thursday 8th June, one of the girls in preschool told her friends at circle time that she went to the polling station with her Dad before coming to nursery and that she wasn't able to vote as she wasn't a big girl yet. Leading on from our group discussion we decided to have our own Election in preschool to find out our favourite book.

To begin with we selected 4 books which the children would have pick from. Each of the children were given a lego brick to be able to make their vote. They voted by placing their piece of lego on the book they preferred. Each of the children told us why they preferred the book that they had picked. 

Once all had made their vote a group of 8 children sat together to make it into a graph to find out the winner. We found that the winner of the vote was Smiley Shark with 12 votes. We announced this to the children at the end of the day. To lead on from this we are having a week all about Smiley Shark next week. I wonder what interesting and exciting activities the preschool children will enjoy!