Location: Edinburgh Park
12th July 2017

Preschool Graduation

Each year we have a Graduation to say goodbye to all the children leaving for school.It's a special event as the children get to show their parents a sample of what they have been learning during the year.  This year the theme is Our Body as the children have been very interested in learning about the different organs and parts of their bodies and how they function.  Leading up to the graduation the children have been practising all the songs and could be heard throughout the nursery on many an occasion. The courtyard was divided into  three areas,doctors, dentists and opticians with posters, photos and artwork from the children to help demonstrate some of the learning that has taken place. We had been very lucky to go along on a visit to the opticians when Louise got her eyes tested so photos of this was also put up on the walls. As the day approached there was excitement in the air, with one last practise we were ready. Parents and other family members began arriving to get good seats for the show while we all got dressed into our outfits. Then it was time to present Our Bodies. As the first song played the children walked into the courtyard and line up along the front singing and moving their bodies. When the music stopped we were presented with information about Opticians and Dentists. The children did very well with their lines and acting out what they had learnt. Then it was time for the doctors to tell us about our organs e.g the brain sends messages to move our arms and legs says Neeve, Tishani tells us that the kidney flushes bad things out of our bodies and so on. Now for the last few songs and the presentation of the certificates. All the children did really well and the parents and family seemed to enjoy it all. After some photos in the garden it was time for games and refreshments.  Hope you all enjoyed the effort and learning that was presented to you today. Thanks to all who came along and for Alison from caterpillar music who helped make this a successful event and we will be back next year with another group of graduates. We wish all the children going to school well in the up coming years and hope they will come back to visit us to let us know how they are doing.