Location: Lewisham
4th May 2017

Preschool Letter of the Fortnight

Preschool Letter of the Fortnight

Persembe means Thursday in Turkish! Deniz Goordyal, our nursery manager speaks Turkish and supports our children who speak Turkish too!

On 4th May the children in preschool enjoyed celebrating the letter 'P' because of their new key person, Anita Patel, as part of the Number and Letter of the Week enhancement.

Anita originates from India and used the opportunity to teach children about countries of the world, different languages and cultures and traditions. 

Anita, Deniz and Isabel who is from Spain, recorded numbers 1-5 on the talking tin buttons to celebrate number 5 as our number of the fortnight.

Children developed a sense of belonging by joining in the group activities and enjoyed mixing ingredients for pakoras and enjoyed them as snack and tea!

Children used their gross motor skills and spacial awareness during Wake and Shake whilst recognising changes to their bodies, these skills are outcomes of the Physical area of development from the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Children also celebrated Making Relationships, Reading and Writing as part of the Literacy area, Mathematics whilst cooking as they measured and sequenced and Understanding the World as they learnt about People and Communities and different ways of life.

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