Location: Edinburgh Park
13th December 2016

Preschool Nativity

Today the children of the preschool room performed the Wriggly Nativity for parents and grandparents. As the children arrived this morning along with their costumes there was an excited buzz about the place. After breakfast there was time for one last practise complete with outfits then we rested our voices for the afternoon. Last minutes touches were done to the star that guides the Shepherds and Kings before it is hung out amongst the stars. Before we know it parents begin to arrive and its time to get ready. 1, 2, 3, Show time !! The children walk proudly out into the courtyard and take their places as cameras begin to click away. Sharlene welcomes all the parents and introduces the Nativity as Alison from Caterpillar Music gets ready to lead us in our songs.  Ready Wriggly Nativity wriggly Nativity you just got to move its a wriggly Nativity the children sing with great gutso. As each song played the children in that group stood up and followed along to the actions Alison was doing.The songs sung told the traditional story of Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem and finding no room at the Inn stayed in a stable where their baby boy Jesus was born. Shepherds and Kings came to see this great sight. It was a great play and the children did really well although some preferred not to sing. At the end there  was time for some photos and light refreshments. Parents mingled as they discussed how much they enjoyed the show and what a good job the children did. So that's it for another year please come back and see what preschool will do next year.