Location: Croydon
10th March 2017

Preschool nature walk

Preschool nature walk

The Preschool were very excited to take part in a nature walk.

All children had their own clip board, paper showing pictures of items of nature and pen to tick off when it had been discovered. During the walk the children could see the horse in the field, all the children threw in some carrots for the horse to eat when he was 'Hungry'.

The children carried on walking along discussing what other things they could find and see, especially when looking at the budding plants and comparing the sycamore which was growing through the ground and one that had been decaying, looking at the changes over time.

We collected some twigs  that were by a tree and have taken them back to nursery to see if we can grow some leaves from it.

All the children really enjoyed the outing and didn't stop talking about it when they got back to nursery for tea.