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Location: Chingford
10th January 2018

Preschool's New Garden!

Preschool's New Garden! Photo-1
Preschool's New Garden! Photo-2
Preschool's New Garden! Photo-3
Preschool's New Garden! Photo-4
Preschool's New Garden! Photo-5
Preschool's New Garden! Photo-6

Preschool Garden Project

Preschool have been lucky enough to receive a brand new garden! Workers have been coming in to nursery to revamp our garden whilst ensuring it meets the developmental needs of all children. As soon as you enter the garden, you are greeted by a large construction hut, for the children to explore and build in. Next to the hut, they have added three wooden palettes'. One contains a mirror for the children to express their emotions, feelings and facial expressions, one contains a chalk board and one contains a white board, which can both be drawn on to also support the children expressing themselves. After the boards, they have added another hut. This hut is a seating area for the children to use however they like. Some children may want to use it as a chill out area, some children may want to use it as a book corner or even as part of their role play.

At the end of the garden where the mud area used to be, they have decided to add a wet pour roadway. This roadway allows children to ride their bikes and scooters around whilst role playing at the same time, This road also provides more structure in the garden for when the children want to engage in small word activities.