Location: Formby
11th July 2016

Princess and Pirate week

Already the children have been having lots of fun. Daisies have made princess crowns and pirate hats, Rosebuds have been busy making a pirate ship and have been looking for buried treasure in the sand. Our children in our Buttercups room have made some pirate bunting for their room and have been singing and dancing in their pirate hats they have made. Snowdrops have been searching for treasure and have also made pirate hats.  Finally our Snowdrops children have made some princess play dough with sparkly sequins and pirate play dough which had hidden gems. They have made treasure maps and a pirate ship.  Pirate Pete had left treasure around our nursery and the children had to go and find them with the help of their metal detectors.  The children found a message in a bottle in their water tray which was very exciting! Finally the children were sent to walk the plank!!!