Location: Lewisham
7th August 2017

Raksha Bandhan

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Raksha Bandhan means 'bond of protection' and the festival celebrates the love and duty between brothers and sisters. The festival is popularly used to celebrate brother-sister type relationships too.

To celebrate the Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan the children have been making friendship bracelets to give to each other. These represent the sacred threads called Rahki that are traditionally given to the brother during the celebrations for his happiness.

The brother will also make promises to the sister and give token gifts like chocolates and jewellery to symbolise their promise to protect them. The children have created their own chocolate cupcakes with Chef Christine to take home.

We have carried out sibling time at nursery, allowing age groups to mix to allow brothers and sisters time to play and eat together and the older children have been talking about emotions and room values to consider the wishes of their peers and promote happiness for all.

The activities have developed Personal, Social and Emotional skills for all children and older children have discussed their feelings and practised ways in expressing them appropriately. Older children have looked at similarities and differences between themselves and their peers as they learned about cultures and different ways of life. 

The process of creating bracelets has helped children develop fine manipulative control linked to the Physical Development area of the Early Years Foundation Stage, as did creating cakes. The children spoke with Christine about healthy lifestyles and diets relating to the Health and Self Care element.