Location: Lewisham
26th May 2017


Ramadan Photo-1
Ramadan Photo-2
Ramadan Photo-3

To mark the start of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, the children in preschool have been learning about the Quran and why this period is considered holy for Muslims. 

They have talked about fasting and prayer and have joined in by creating plates of food they would wish to eat if they were fasting. Children carefully cut around pictures of familiar foods and stuck them to paper plates whilst talking about their diets and what they can do to stay healthy and balanced. This links to Health and Self Care, part of the Physical area of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The children have learnt to respect other cultures and traditions and also valued their own beliefs by comparing similarities and differences to their own religions. This relates to the People and Communities aspect of Understanding of the World in the Early Years Foundation Stage.