Location: Southwell
15th May 2017

Ready, Steady, Listen!

a small selection of the books we chose!

Today our wonderful range of educational books came from Usborne Books. We managed to raise a whopping £218.00 through our ready, steady, read campaign back in February 2017 to celebrate world book week.

The reading materials chosen have reflected in the age, stage and interests of the children within the setting, entailing the help of the older children in Pre-School into which reading material that we choose to have within their learning environment. Babies have had a large variety of sensory books, specifically black and white and simple picture/single word books as well as some interactive books. Toddlers have introduced books such as 'what is space', 'what's inside a castle'  and snap games introducing more shape, colour and numeral recognition.

We have worked along side Caroline Mason who introduced the sponsored read to the children with a lovely reading session, to which she read age appropriate books to the varied age groups, both fiction and non-fiction. This has enabled current parents to have a look and order Usborne materials during collection of their children in the setting.

If you would like any information regarding the activity please feel free to contact us or book in for a look around to see the wonderful resources we have here at Busy Bees Southwell.

If you would like any further information regarding Usborne books, please feel free to contact Caroline personally via email - carolinemason@hotmail.co.uk