Location: Meredale Nursery (Rainham, Gillingham)
2nd April 2017

Red Nose Day Week Activities

Red Nose Day Week Activities Photo-1
Red Nose Day Week Activities Photo-2
Red Nose Day Week Activities Photo-3
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Red Nose Day Week Activities Photo-5
Red Nose Day Week Activities Photo-6

Lots of activities took place across the nursery, most of which evolved into credible learning activities.

There were lots of colourings of Red Nose pictures along with red play dough sculpting encouraging the children’s fine motor skills and physical development.  Our pre-schoolers continued on with the play dough activity discussing numbers and shapes they created with their models.

Biscuits were made throughout the rooms, giving the children chance to create and design their own red noses and practice their fine motor skills by decorating them with red and white icing.  Our Pre-schoolers again continued on from this activity as the question of ‘How was this biscuit made?’ was asked.  This led onto how processes and ingredients from around the world can differ.

The children also created red paintings in a variety of ways!  Some of the children used their fingers to create polka dot paintings and some chose to design Red Nose paper plates which can currently be seen on the corridor display board.  Pre-Schoolers went one step further and extended this activity with discussions on image and reflection.  The children used mirrors to look at their reflection and talk about the different colour eyes, hair and shapes of noses/mouths etc.

Pre-School room also took part in a ‘Red’ fruit tasting session.  They discussed healthy eating choices and also why they found the particular fruits appealing when they picked them.

All the children took part in a Pyjama party on Friday 24th April in the aid of the Comic Relief Charity.  Donations were collected in return for a fun filled afternoon including games and specially made Red Nose cupcakes by our onsite chef Tracy.