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Location: Edinburgh Park
22nd January 2018

Refurb Update

Well its been a number of weeks since the work at Edinburgh Park began and it is moving along nicely I must say. The baby room and Dragonflies have been completed with new paintwork and flooring and the babies have had alterations done to make it one room instead of two small rooms. It is so nice to have it as one room with a connecting nappy change area.It makes things are little easier for them when it comes to nappy changes etc The workmen are working hard to get it all completed for us with as little interruption as possible. They have finished painting the training room and staff room and are now getting ready to do the floor in the surrounding area. Roy is busy with finalising the alterations to walls in the training room and  its surrounding area creating one large base room for children. Unfortunately the courtyard has become a place to store equipment that is either to be gotten rid of or recycled. But with everything going on the nursery is ticking along as usual. It will be exciting when its all finished so keep a look out for the next instalment of news on the refurbishment.