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Location: Edinburgh Park
7th December 2017


Last week on Thursday 30th of November the  refurbishment of the downstairs area began. The babies moved all the furniture and equipment from their rooms and set up camp in the training room and courtyard. Roy and his team set to work taking down any boards and items not needed.and preparing the walls for paint. A week on; the painting is completed and the new flooring is down, next week the family suite  and bathroom will be done. The babies have been enjoying having the space in the courtyard to play and run around. They will be in the courtyard till half way through next week then they can move back into their new and improved room. Its really exciting to see the changes happening. So please if you have any questions about the work being done or the movements of your child then come speak to a member of management. The small inconvenience we have now will be well work the wait when it is all completed.