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Location: Chelmsford
10th May 2018

Reggio Phonics

Foundation Class Reggio Phonics

One of our brilliant Foundation Class Educators, Miss Laura, found a new and exciting way to introduce Suzie's Super Sound to the children. Suzie is the Foundation Class' phonics bear, who introduces a new sound to the children every fortnight.

On this occasion, the letter of the week was the letter 'G'. Miss Laura and a group of children sat and identified different things beginning with 'g' and Miss Laura explained how, although it didn't sound like it, the word 'giraffe' began with that letter too!

The children found this fascinating and decided to, with Miss Laura's help, create a Reggio-style giraffe in the middle of the room! The outline was drawn, and the children collected a great number of yellow items from around their enviromnent to fill-in the outline, creating a fantastic piece which they proudly showed off once it was complete!