Location: Reigate
14th October 2016

Reigate's Weekly Memo

What we have been doing this week?


This week we have enjoyed puzzles, Clingfilm painting, glitter and rice play and reflection play. We have also been practising our balance and our walking skills.

The babies explored ice play this week. We froze some gloves full of water and then took the gloves off to reveal ice cold hands to play with.

Next week we are going to be working on our physical skills by trying to avoid obstacles, exploring the wet sand and having a water play surprise.


- Can parents please bring in photos of the family and pets so we can create a family tree board

Bunnies (Pre-Tods)

This week in Bunnies we have made apple crumble for our cooking activity. The children have got very good at turn taking, sharing and counting out ingredients.

We also have been plane spotting in the garden and trying to count how many we could see or hear.

Also this week the children have loved coloured ice play, building construction houses and making handprints.

Next week we are going to be working our mark making skills and trying to make some shopping lists.


http://www.ledstonchildcare.co.uk/_/rsrc/1398793178335/parent-partnership/Parent%20Partnership.jpg?height=200&width=200    We are putting together a music selection from home. Please let us know your favourite songs or your children’s favourite songs to help get them to sleep and settle during the day.



This week we have been practising our cutting skills with scissors and understanding that we use them to cut things with and the safety involved with them. We used these new skills to cut our own pumpkins and paper to decorate them with.

We have also been helping with the cleaning and sweeping up at mealtimes, to cement our knowledge of our routines. The children have also been counting whilst doing this and trying to solve maths problems at the same time.

Next week we will be using our cutting skills on playdough and shape cutters to develop our maths language and communication skills.

We will also be learning sequences with hand washing and drying.

http://www.ledstonchildcare.co.uk/_/rsrc/1398793178335/parent-partnership/Parent%20Partnership.jpg?height=200&width=200Please could you fill in and bring back the activities for home and any home observations which will help with your child’s development.


This week in Panda’s we have been making our own sandwiches. The focus of this activity was to help define their fine motor skills and promoting maths by talking about quantities.

We have also been looking at different emotions that we experience every day in life and how we can either control them or express them correctly.

Next week will be focusing on following simple instructions when building tracks.


http://www.ledstonchildcare.co.uk/_/rsrc/1398793178335/parent-partnership/Parent%20Partnership.jpg?height=200&width=200 Please could you fill in and bring back the activities for home and any home observations which will help with your child’s development.


This week we have had a lot of fun I Pre-school making domino cookies. The children had to help weigh, measure and count the ingredients. We also tried to make a very large pirate ship out of boxes. The children loved this so much, it didn’t last long.

In our room we now have a hamster, so we have been talking about how we look after him and what we need to do. We then used the same knowledge on our Sea Monkeys.

Next week we are going to be junk modelling a train, so if any parents have boxes, of any size, that would be a great help.