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Location: Wigan - Marylebone
30th March 2018

Reubens Fundraising Week!

Reubens Fundraising Week 

The week commencing 26th March we held a very special sponsorship week for a little boy who attends Busy Bees Marylebone.

Reuben surprised us all by coming into the world early at 29 weeks and going straight onto the neonatal unit where he spent 9 long weeks under the care of the brilliant staff. Whilst there, Reuben struggled to breathe on his own which meant that he had to be put onto a ventilator for a while. 


When Reuben was eventually allowed home, we started to notice that he wasn’t reaching the milestones set for his age group and he seemed to be further behind in his development. This was also picked up on by consultants at the hospital who then referred him for an MRI scan at 14 months old. To our shock, the scan showed us that Reuben had developed a large bleed on the brain. He was immediately transferred to Manchester children’s hospital where he underwent surgery to remove the bleed. Luckily, the operation went to plan and the surgeons successfully removed the bleed from his brain but a further MRI was performed which showed us that our beautiful boy had Cerebral palsy. 


This now means that although Reuben leads an entirely happy and full life, he isn’t able to do all of the same things his friends can do. We are so proud of how far he has come but will always need extra care and support so that we can give him the same opportunities as other 3 year olds. 


To give Reuben the freedom that every little boy needs, he requires a special wheelchair so that he can get himself about and have his own independence. 


We held a fundraising week to help raise money for Reuben to have his very own wheelchair and to give Reuben his own independence.


Each Room did their very own sponsored events:

Lilttle explorers - Dance-athon

Active Leaerners - Dance and sing-athon

Creative Thinkers - were sponsored for showcasing their talents to all their friends this ranged from singing to telling Jokes 

We all had a great week and the parents even had a treat as they were greated with freshly cooked sausage barms as they dropped their little one off at nursery. 

We are still collecting sponsor forms however we have already raise an outstanding amount of................