Location: Bexleyheath
23rd November 2016

Road Safety Awareness

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Road safety is a great subject in which to engage children

It is important to teach the children the importance of road safety by holding hands with their parents as they cross the road. What the green and red person is when crossing the road.

One of our parents who is a police officer kindly came in and had a discussion with the children about the importance of safety and the green cross code. They spoke to the children in pre-school about strangers and told the children the number to call if there is a stranger, and told the children that they are there to help them. The children were able to try on the police hat and looked at the body suits.

The children will take part in a variety of activities throughout the day, the children can take part in car races in the garden where they can show how they would stop to allow other cars to go past, how far one car is and how close another is. The children can listen to the sounds that they hear in the garden or outside the front of the nursery. 

The children painted hand prints and wrote ‘We hold hands’ whilst crossing roads.