Location: Kettering - Venture Park
24th November 2016

Road Safety week

Road Safety week Photo-1
Road Safety week Photo-2
Road Safety week Photo-3

This week has been road safety week in Kettering.  The children have been learning all about road safety, the signs and what they mean.  They have been enjoying holding the signs for each other and learning what they need to do when they see them (stop, go etc). They have shown us great potential with regards to their driving skills, and are already on their way to becoming great safe drivers in the future.

We have also been learning how to cross the roads safely on our pretend roads in the garden and the different kinds of crossings that we use to help us cross the roads safely. Throughout the week the children have been showing us how great they are at using their listening and visual skills, we have been listening out for traffic and traffic sounds and learning about what the colours mean on traffic lights, as well as learning all about the signs and why road safety is important.

Kettering Toddlers are well on their way to becoming some of the best safest road safety experts in town!