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Location: Bexleyheath
22nd November 2017

Road Safety week

Road safety week was a great subject in which engaged the children

It is important to teach the children the importance of road safety by holding hands with their parents as they cross the road. What the green and red person is when crossing the road.The Pre-School room had many discussions throughout the week regarding safety and how important this it is. 

In the week one of our parents in pre-school who is a police Officer and has been for many years agreed to come in and have a chat with the children and allowed the children to go on his bike. He spoke about what he does as a Policeman. he put the sirens on his bike so the children knew what a Police noise was. He spoke about traffic lights and looking left and right when we are crossing the roads and waiting for the green man. The children also were given packs to take away with them to do at home with their parents. 

We also had a man come along from the guide Dog Association, he came along with his dog and explained how he deals with crossing the road and what the dog does to help him. The children listened very well and even got to stroke the dog.The children coloured in pictures and made their own traffic lights. one child asked 'why do you have blind eyes' , the man explained that he was born with out any sight.  

The children took take part in a variety of activities throughout the day; the children did car races in the garden where they were shown how they would stop to allow other cars to go past, how far one car is and how close another is. The children also listened to the sounds that they heard in the garden such as a helicopter, fire engine and children playing in the school opposite.