Location: Wigan - Marylebone
22nd February 2017

Role play Enhancements

Role play Enhancements  Photo-1
Role play Enhancements  Photo-2
Role play Enhancements  Photo-3
Role play Enhancements  Photo-4
Role play Enhancements  Photo-5
Role play Enhancements  Photo-6

Today the Active learners team and children have enjoyed enhancing the areas within the room. The children have loved exploring the garden and talking about all the animal that live in the zoo. They then extended this activity by making a tree in the small world area. The children enjoyed painting their hands and sticking all the pictures of the animals in the tree.

Next the active learners were exploring taking their shoes off and talking about buying and how to put on their own shoes on independently. So to extend activity active learners are currently making their home corner into a shoe stall.

Creative Thinkers have been busy bees too and have made their very own doctors surgery! The children have loved role playing doctors and nurses and making all their friends feel better. The children have also been exploring the x-ray machine and finding broken bones.