Location: Rugby - Henry Hinde School
31st July 2017

Rugby in Bloom

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Rugby in Bloom is an annual initiative that encourages our local communities to brighten up the borough with floral displays. This year, Rugby in Bloom celebrated Frank Whittle and the council's edible boarders project, to encourage more residents to grow fruit and vegetables in community plots. 

We were very excited to contribute towards Rugby in Bloom and made our outdoor space Jet engine themed, in celebration of Frank Whittle creating the first jet engine.

We were judged by the local council, who were very impressed with our jet engine which brought information technology outside by creating animal and jet engine sounds along with all of the art work that the children had contributed!

The entire nursery team including parents and our gardening club spent a lot of time tidying the front, making new boxes for the flowers and planting, watering, de-weeding. The children enjoyed helping with the watering too and some even made their own flower pots at home which the judges really liked too!!

We were awarded the GOLD award, which the children will receive at the Rugby in Bloom Schools and Nursery Ceremony at the Benn Hall. Following this, we were delighted to have the opportunity to visit the Mayors chambers too! 

This has been a fantastic activity for the children and the nursery to take part in, not only for the community but also for the children. They have thoroughly enjoyed contributing towards the outdoor space and receiving their award too!