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Location: Derby - Heatherton
3rd April 2018

STEM Learning

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Here at Derby Heatherton we have been encouraging the children to take part in STEM Learning. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

We had a project for all the children to take part in. It started with reading the story of Rapunzel and how fantastic it was that she could use her hair to get down from that really tall tower. But what about if she couldn't use her hair? How would she get down? Would she be stuck?

The children started to mind map how they were able to get the princess out from the tower. They wrote down all their ideas and used the internet to help source how they were going to do it. They then used different materials to try and build a ladder. They used lollipop sticks, lego, cardboard boxes.

Eventually, after lots of ideas, the children thought they would make the ladder out of toilet rolls for length and lots of rope for the steps. They managed to get Rapunzel down from her tall castle without using her hair.

This project took a lot of though process and considering from the children, and all the ideas were their own. We always encourage this thought process at Heatherton and hope to continue to stretch and challenge children's thinking.